Friday, May 21, 2010

Best forum for Engineering mini projects

A new forum especially for discussing about projects has been launched at

Are  you confused about what to choose for your final year project?
Do you have any queries with your mini project or final year project?
You would like to get or publish feedback about any Institutes or companies offering final year projects and mini projects?

Then just visit and start discussing about your projects.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Credit Card Management System

The Card Management System is a Windows based application that takes care of the complete internal Card Processing activities such as management and maintenance of cards of a Bank. It is suitable for the management of Debit Cards, Credit Cards as well as Smart Cards. It mainly involves the maintenance and management of card related information in a Bank.

This product caters to all the Credit, Debit and Smart Card based functions of a bank like Opening Card Accounts for the registered customer, Creation of Cards for registered customers, Registration of Customers for card issue, Hot Carding, making the Card ready for Embossing by creation of Card Data file etc.

The Card Management System could interact with an external Card Transaction System, thereby making the Card-related information maintained by the bank, uptodate. The purpose is to build a Card Management System which provides complete card processing, to meet the needs of full-fledged Credit card and Debit card based ATM or Point of Sale network.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bug Tracking System

This project focuses on providing a basic issue/bug tracking application for individual developers or contract programmers. What sets this project apart from other open source alternatives is that this application is focused on the individual developer and does not clutter the application with team constructs such as managers, reviewers, owners, etc. By simplifying the interaction with the application, stand-alone developers will be able to track necessary information for each and every project they are currently working on without complex system requirements and interactions required by larger development efforts.

Without the need to manage users and roles within the application, it simply requires a password to access all functionality. Once the authentication is done, the application provides the ability to create, delete, edit, view and search issues within the system. Issues can be classified as bugs, enhancements or work requests. Each issue is associated with a project and every project is associated with a client. This allows for a more granular control over searching historical information as it relates to a specific client or project.

Functional Requirements:

The application must be able to track issues related to the software development. They are to be categorized as "bugs", "enhancements" or "general work requests". Each issue is associated with a single project and each project is associated with a single client. Status of issues are to be tracked as either "open", "closed" or "in-progress" and search facilities will be provided using all these attributes of an issue as filtering criteria. There is no requirement for multi-user support, as this application is designed to be used as a standalone application by a single user.